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Journalist/Producer/Project Coordinator



  • Bilingual in English/Spanish, intermediate French
  • Reporting, writing, editing, producing, and project coordinating for print, web, and video projects
  • Videography, photography, and social media
  • Fieldwork in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe


Managing Editor, Cuba Trade Magazine, Miami, Florida 2017-present

Commission, coordinate, write, and edit content on international trade with Cuba. Recruit and build an editorial, design, and social media team to reach international business leaders, economists, policymakers, universities, and globally minded travelers. Cuba Trade covers trends in Cuba’s state and private-sector markets, international investment, U.S.-Cuba relations, and travel, arts, and culture.

Independent Journalist/Producer/Research and Media Consultant, Washington, DC 2016 – present

Research, write, edit, and produce reports and multimedia content, as well as participate in fact finding missions about global development, diplomacy, immigration, and civil rights for international aid organizations and mainstream media. Clients have included PRI The World, Al Jazeera, TV3 Barcelona, Sojourners Magazine, World Learning, and Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists.

Communications Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC 2013-2015

Researched, wrote, and produced reports and multimedia content, including documentaries, explainer videos, and web features on development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean with a primary focus on capacity building in Haiti’s water, agriculture, energy, health, education, and business sectors.

Independent Reporter/Producer, Miami/Washington, DC 2005-2012

Researched, wrote, produced, and sometimes shot and edited media content including articles, news videos, and documentaries. Coordinated media trips and provided media training. Clients included BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, Discovery, HDNet World Report, Univision, Telemundo,, International Reporting Project, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, and American University.

Reporter/Translator, Agencia EFE, Miami, Florida 2003-2004

Investigated, wrote, and translated news for the Americas desk of Spain’s main newswire service.

Reporter/Stringer, Madrid, Spain and Miami, Florida 2000-2003

Worked as a temporary Associated Press reporter in Miami covering Latin American and Caribbean affairs, immigration, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; as a Spain-based stringer and South Florida metro intern for The Miami Herald; and as a features reporter for Spain’s El País newspaper and the Spain-based English-language magazines The Broadsheet and Ink: The Magazine of the British Council.


B.A. Peace Studies/Political Science Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington

Spent seven months conducting fieldwork in Central America and Jamaica.

M.A. Anthropology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

Spent 1.5 years conducting fieldwork in El Salvador and Cuba, focusing on arts for youth development.

M.A. Journalism, El País School of Journalism/Autonomous University Madrid, Spain

One year of Spanish-language writing and reporting with emphasis on immigration for a master’s program housed within El País newspaper.



  • Currently covering Cuba as the managing editor of Cuba Trade Magazine (2017-present)
  • Investigated Cuban affairs and coordinated Cuba trips for media and educational programs. Clients included BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, Discovery, HDNet World Report, The Miami Herald, The AP, The Miami New Times, El País, EFE, World Learning’s Experiment in International Living, and Sojourners Magazine. Received an Emmy nomination for Cuba: The Digital Generation, a three-part NBC/Telemundo Miami series exploring how Cubans on and off the island maintain ties and collaborate on arts and media projects in spite distance and geopolitics. (2009-2016)
  • Currently researching and reporting on social outreach programs for transnational gangs and youth at risk for participating in them. Publishing some findings with PRI The World’s Global Nation, co-authoring academic materials with transnational gang expert Sonja Wolf, and writing a personal memoir about studying postwar youth in El Salvador in the 1990s. (2017-present)
  • Preparing to moderate an academic panel about unaccompanied minors traveling to the United States from Central America at the Latin American Studies Association Congress in Barcelona (May, 2018).
  • Assisted World Learning in coordinating an exchange program to bring together Russian journalists and journalism professors on academic exchange in the United States with US journalists from mainstream media organizations including CNN, The Washington Post, and The National Press Foundation to discuss press freedom and the future of the news business.
  • Investigated civil rights and voting rights for Al Jazeera English during the 2016 US elections in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida (2016)
  • Led, produced, and wrote an investigation into the search for children of the disappeared in Argentina for HDNet World Report. (2010)
  • Led, produced, and wrote an investigation into the jurisdictional problems of sending U.S. foster children abroad to live with distant relatives. (2009)
  • Investigated, produced, and wrote a special multimedia report on a secessionist movement in Mombasa, Kenya for PBS NewsHour (2012), wrote a report about inter-religious peacebuilding in Mombasa and other parts of Kenya for Sojourners Magazine (2016)
  • Participated in a Muslim-Western dialogue reporting fellowship with Search for Common Ground (2012)
  • Reported and produced coverage of terrorism cases for NBC and The Washington Post. (2007-2009)


  • Lead investigator, writer and multimedia producer for the Inter-American Development Bank’s work on post-disaster capacity building in Haiti’s water, agriculture, energy, health, education, and business sectors. Produced the documentary Water Everlasting? The Battle to Secure Haiti’s Most Essential Resource, and coordinated screenings and panel discussions at universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Washington, and George Washington University, as well as at Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Center, and IDB headquarters in Washington. (2013-2015)
  • Produced video and photo projects for the Inter-American Development Bank’s good governance programs on the islands of Trinidad and Barbados.
  • Served as a media relations strategist to the Inter-American Development Bank’s rural development, biodiversity, tourism, and natural disasters specialists. (2014-2015)
  • Investigated, wrote, shot, and produced multimedia reports on food security and water resource management for Howard G. Buffett Foundation and Catholic Relief Services in Central America. (2011)
  • Coordinating producer and blog writer for Discovery Communications covering science, the environment, health, cultural preservation, and international diplomacy. (2010)
  • Produced a month-long investigation into the damage incurred from a massive amount of imported drywall from China that continued emitting noxious fumes, causing health problems and damaging metal wiring in new homes in South Florida and in neighborhoods rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
  • Covered the US recession and foreclosure crisis in Florida for NBC and BBC. (2008-2009)
  • Writing about urban planning and climate gentrification for the magazines Coral Gables and Sojourners.


  • Produced International Reporting Project’s Kenya Delegation on Reproductive Health and Population in conjunction with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Investigated, coordinated, and led a thematic newsgathering delegation to Kenya. Wrote and produced multimedia reports on these topics for the IRP’s website and for mainstream news outlets including The Global Post, Public Radio International, and El País. (2012)
  • Served as the coordinator of the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists’ Virginia Ethnography, a research project aimed at understanding the social and economic concerns of residents in an American swing state. Consulted with GSI mappers and other visual storytellers on best options for interactive a corresponding interactive website. (2017)
  • Assisted World Learning’s mission of social inclusion by writing content about tools for measuring social, economic, political, and religious exclusion in societies throughout the world. Produced reports and multimedia content about the organization’s international exchange programs and educational materials for girls, ethnic minorities, and refugees. (2016)
  • Participated in a National Press Foundation fellowship on aging and retirement, then wrote and produced multimedia reports on aging and pensions in Latin America and the Caribbean for the Inter-American Development Bank. (2014-2015)
  • Wrote, shot, and produced multimedia features about immigration and sanctuary cities, gang r programs in the US and Central America, and a series titled Defining Mi Gente about the diversity of US Hispanics for (2011-2012)
  • Investigated, wrote, and produced La Gata, a documentary about aging and immigration through the eyes of female tango singer La Gata, a 78-year-old undocumented immigrant from Argentina. (2004-2006)


  • World Music Critic for Miami New Times with emphasis on alternative Latin and Caribbean music (2004-2009), and wrote and edited stories for the arts and culture websites Miami and (2007, 2010)
  • Graduate research in anthropology focused on music and the arts for youth development in El Salvador and Cuba (1998-1999)