Goodnight Little Moon – La Luna Casa y Arte Closes in San Salvador

GOODNIGHT LITTLE MOON: Tonight the full moon sets over San Salvador – La Luna Casa y Arte that is. I wish I could be there to say goodbye to the most spectacular cultural venue I have ever known in this world. There are Luna aficionados howling in its honor all over the place – Los Angeles, Washington, Madrid, Barcelona, New York- La Luna owner Beatriz Alcaine shaped a generation, and managed to save some post-war youth from a hopeless place just by being there, by creating a space where they could reinvent and redefine themselves. All of us who frequented La Luna – Salvadoran or foreign – have carried that with us as we grew older and migrated or moved back to our respective countries. The truth is, a society can never be a peaceful one if its basic needs aren’t met, but self-expression is also a human need, and one that helps us channel, think, and plan for how we achieve the rest. Goodnight Little Moon. You will be so missed!

San Salvador se queda sin Luna –

Uno de los proyectos culturales más emblemáticos del San Salvador de la posguerra cierra sus puertas después de dos décadas. La Luna Casa y Arte se despide de fie


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