Research and Field Production

Gage has more than a decade of experience as a field producer for news and documentaries. Prior to her current producer role at the Inter-American Development Bank, Gage worked as an independent journalist for BBC, NBC, Discovery, HDNet World Report, Al Jazeera English, Univision, Telemundo,,, Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, and the International Reporting Project.


  • WATER EVERLASTING? The battle to secure Haiti’s most basic resource (a documentary about turning around Haiti’s public water service), Inter-American Development Bank, premiering in 2014
  • Promotional Videos and Testimonials for the Inter-American Development Bank’s 2012 Annual Meeting
  • Finding Safety at a Public Bathroom in Nairobi’s Kibera Slum, (web video released during Kenya’s 2013 elections), PRI The World, 3/13

  • Mucha Población, poca planificación (Much Population, Little Planning, web video on family planning in Kenya), El País Blog Africa no es un país (Africa is not a Country), 12/12

  • Mombasa Rising? (web video report on a secessionist movement in Mombasa, Kenya) PBS NewsHour, 10/12

  • Remembering the Sanctuary Movement (web video and article about U.S. churches helping refugees), 1/12

  • Saving El Salvador’s Youth (web video and article about USAID-funded gang prevention program) 12/11

  • Defining Mi Gente (web video series about the diversity of U.S. Hispanics),, began publishing 11/21/11

  • Global Water Initiative Documentary and Written Report in Honduras, Howard G. Buffett Foundation/Catholic Relief Services 5/11-7-11

  • Agriculture for Basic Needs Multimedia Reporting Project in Central America, Howard G. Buffett Foundation/Catholic Relief Services 3/11-4/11

  • Searching for Argentina’s Children of the Disappeared, HDNet World Report 12/10-2/11

  • Anthropology and Science News (see for complete list)

  • Invisible Worlds (coordinated U.S. “reversion” of three-part BBC series on the microscopic), Discovery Channel 9/10

  • Croc Attack (coordinating producer, Discovery Channel 8/10

  • Energy: Powering the Future (coordinating producer), Discovery Channel 6/10

  • New York Flamenco Festival (produced/wrote/consulted on event for launch of new flamenco site), 2/10

  • Cuban Crossroads (concert for peace in Havana), HDNet World Report 9/09 – 10/09

  • U.S. Foster Care Death in Mexico (investigative report), Univision Aquí y Ahora 10/09

  • Tainted Chinese Drywall (investigative report), Univision Aquí y Ahora 5/09

  • We the People (special news series on U.S. Hispanics), NBC Nightly News 3/09

  • Cuba The Digital Generation:  (three-part news series), NBC6/Telemundo51Miami 3/09, *Nominated for an Emmy

  • Going Green (on-going environmental news series), NBC6 Miami 9/08-3/09

  • Consumer Investigative Unit (on-going news series), NBC6 Miami 10/08-3/09

  • Value in Volunteering in a Recession – Americorps/Peace Corps Feature, NBC6 Miami 3/09

  • Cuban Music and Politics (documentary), BBC Radio 10/08

  • Carib Natives of Dominica (special report), BBC World 9/08

  • ECHO Farm for World Hunger (special report), BBC World 5/08

  • Cuban Jazz Artists of Miami (independent documentary), Spiradic Productions 5/08-present

  • Bush and Beyond (radio documentary series), BBC Radio 1/07-2/07

  • Cuban Rafters via Mexico, NBC Nightly News 9/07

  • Terrorism Trial of Jose Padilla, NBC Nightly News 1/08

  • La Gata: The Nine Lives of a Tango Singer Called the Cat (independent documentary for my own Indagar Media Corps) 7/04-12/06 * Won 2008 Best USA Documentary Feature at the Women’s International Film Festival of Miami

  • The Fight for Cuba’s Music Rights (documentary about music of Buena Vista Social Club), BBC2 1/06-2/06

  • Terrorism Trial of Liberty City Seven, NBC Nightly News, 6/06

  • El Cartel de los Sapos (docu-drama about Colombian drug cartels), Plural Entertainment/Telemundo 9/07-2/08

  • Gangs in Plain Site (investigative magazine report on Central American gangs), Maxim en Español 5/06

  • Minutemen (investigative magazine report on minutemen and immigration on U.S./Mexico border), Maxim en Español 8/06

  • With Latin Blood (investigation on Hispanics in the U.S. Military in Iraq and Afghanistan), Maxim en Español 10/06

  • Crown of Thorns (investigative article about bizarre hair-pulling disorder), Miami New Times, 8/05

  • Latin Billboards Awards, APTN Entertainment 5/05

  • MTV Latin America Awards, APTN Entertainment 9/05

  • Habla y Habla (docu-drama about U.S. Hispanics), HBO Latino 5/05

  • Hispanic Jews (feature on the history of Miami’s 12,000 Hispanic Jews) Agencia EFE, 4/04

  • Little Euskadi (feature on the Basque population of Idaho), El País Newspaper (Madrid), 7/02

  • Aesthetic Expression and Youth Subcultures in Postwar El Salvador, Thesis for M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Western Washington University, 3/00



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